April 9, 2016

LEGO Store Modular Version LEGO Ideas Project Review

This project is made of LEGOs and is all about LEGO. Created by kashaka, this project is a Modular LEGO Store that is based off of the first stand alone LEGO Store which is located in New York City, New York, USA. Although this model is not identical to the Rockefeller Center LEGO Store, it does have some very nice similarities.

Appeals of this Project
The LEGO Store Modular Version is very appealing to view. I specifically like the largely "glass" front of the building as this lets a lot of light in, especially when combined with the sunlight that is located on the roof. The "glass" front is also very accurate to the design of the Rockefeller Center LEGO Store. Looking at the general architecture of the building, there is nice detailing in the corner columns and the gears at the top are a great addition. They fill up what would have been a bland space and leave room for the imagination: Maybe they were designed that way, maybe there was something there before that has since come down leaving the gears behind. Coming back down to street level, I really like the large LEGO 1x1 brick and 1x1 plate, and the models in the window are just like a real LEGO Store.

Moving through the doors is where the similarities to the Rockefeller Center LEGO Store become less noticeable. There is a Pick-A-Brick wall centered at the back of the store that is incredibly realistic, from the different colors, to the different shaped pieces, to how the cubbies protrude out of the wall. Looking around the store, there are many different colored boxes, which represent different types of sets. According to the project page, "Dark gray is for Star Wars, red is for Super Heroes, blue is for City, purple and pinks are for Friends, dark blue is for Modular, green is for Ninjago and black is for Technic." Going around to the back of the store, there is a storage area, for shipments of new sets and more Pick-A-Brick pieces, much like a real LEGO Store, although I have never been in the back of a LEGO Store to know what it actually looks like.

Areas for Improvement
From top to bottom, this is a really solid project, and I cannot think of much that needs to be improved. The only thing that comes to mind is the overall size of the build itself might be too large to pass the official LEGO Ideas Review. Although this is a fantastic project, it is also a large project, and historically large projects have not passed the Official LEGO Ideas Review process. However, I think this Modular LEGO Store has the best chance to pass the Review stage compared to other large projects I have seen because, although it is large on the exterior, it has lots of empty space on the interior since there is only one floor. Other modular buildings that reached 10,000 supporters had multiple floors and would have been too expensive to produce, but having only one floor in this build could help it in the LEGO Review Stage.

I really like this LEGO Store Modular Version, and think that it offers great appeal to LEGO fans of all ages because of the playability potential and the aesthetic appeal of the of both the interior and exterior. Although it is large, I do believe it has a shot to pass the Official LEGO Ideas Review and become a set if it reaches 10,000 supporters. To see more pictures and to offer your support, you can click here to visit this project on LEGO Ideas.

The photos and review are used with the permission of kashaka.

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